Monel alloy plate
Dedicated to creating first-class quality alloy steel products: alloy plate, alloy pipe, alloy round steel, alloy flange, pipe fittings.Its materials include: Hastelloy alloy, Ni-Cr alloy, Ink Ni-Cr alloy, Inconel alloy, Monel alloy, titanium alloy and so on.We pursue first-class quality, and professional is the company's unremitting pursuit.
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We can not only provide you with ordinary steel, but also help you find very personalized steel, such as special steel, special size, special process shape and so on.

ThicknessCold Rolled:0.2- 3.0mm
Hot Rolled: 3.0- 18.0mm
WidthCold Rolled:1000,1219,1250mm
Hot Rolled:1250,1500,1800,2000,2200mm
LengthFixed Size:1220x2440,1500 x6000,1800 x(6000 -9000),2200 x(6000- 12000)mm or as Required
ToleranceAccording to Standard
SurfaceNO.1,2D,2B,NO.4,HL,BA,8K etc.
ApplicationsConstruction,Modern Architecture,Chemical and Fuel Tankers,Chemical and Petro-chemical Plants, Food Processing and Pharmaceutical lndustries where Clean Environments are Required
Quality ManagementISO9001,CE,Third Party Testing / Inspection, Certifications which Apply forBuyers'Countries


2.4375N05500MONEL K-50063Ni-30Cr-1Fe-3Al-0.6Ti-0.1C


SurfaceCharacteristicProcessing Technology
N0.1OriginalPickled after hot rolling
2DBluntHot rolling + annealing shot peening pickling + cold rolling + annealing pickling
2BBlurredHot rolling + annealing shot peening pickling + cold rolling + annealing pickling + tempering rolling
N0.3MattePolishing and tempering rolling with 100-120 mesh abrasive materials
N0.4MattePolishing and tempering rolling with 150-180 mesh abrasive material
NO.240MattePolishing and tempering rolling with 240 mesh abrasive materials
NO.320MattePolishing and tempering rolling with 320 mesh abrasive materials
NO.400MattePolishing and tempering rolling with 400 mesh abrasive materials
HLBrushedGrind the surface of the steel belt with an appropriate grinding grain size to make it show a certain longitudinal texture
BABrightThe surface is annealed and shows high reflectivity
6KMirrorRough grinding and polishing
8KMirrorFine grinding and polishing