Thickness plate high - strength steel production made a new breakthrough

From January to July of 2021,  Guangqing Ganglian Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd supplied 30,000 tons of high strength steel to China Coal Group Beijing Coal Machine Works (beIMING for short), and the product quality and physical properties all met customer requirements. This marks the beginning of the thick plate batch supply of high strength steel, for Shougang Jingtang Company to seize the high strength steel market to provide a solid guarantee.

Medium thickness plate high strength steel is one of the varieties shougang Jingtang Company focuses on expanding this year. Due to the influence of high alloy and process cost, the early market competitiveness is weak. Therefore, the design of new composition system and the development of new process route are extremely urgent. Plate division and technology center, the fabrication of thick plate room set up joint technology research team, the whole process of tracking the production process, for high strength steel of a new production method, production cost is greatly reduced, the thickness of the applicable scope of 15 to 60 mm, and realize the technology innovation as the guide, technology as the support, upgrading products benefit overall goal.

The surface quality and unevenness of steel plate are required by Beicheng coal machine. After receiving the order, the team optimized the composition design, steelmaking process and rolling process, carefully organized and scientifically arranged the production, carried out research on water-cooling uniformity control of steel plate and flatness control of steel plate shape, and broke through several key technical bottlenecks. At the same time, strengthen the quality control of each process, formulate quality control plan, strict standardized operation, to ensure product quality. With accurate size control, stable performance indicators, good shape appearance, smooth surface quality to win the recognition of customers.

At present, the application scope of the product is still expanding, and the prospect will be better.