Steelmaking department to achieve automatic steel production

June 28, Steelmaking department no. 2 decarbonization converter automatic steel extraction process a successful thermal test. Since then, Shougang Jingtang has realized the whole process of intelligent steelmaking integrating a number of technologies such as one-key steelmaking, spatter prediction, automatic steel drawing, automatic alloy feeding and so on.

In recent years, with the industrial transformation and upgrading, the introduction of automatic tapping technology in some domestic steel mills, Beijing Tong company adhere to innovation driven, in September 2020 in Shougang Institute of Technology, Beijing Tong company steelmaking operation department two units of the team members, opened the prelude to independent research and development of automatic tapping technology.

Automatic drawing technology refers to all the equipment related to the converter drawing, including the converter body, molten steel car, alloy chute, slag retaining mechanism, etc., in accordance with the predetermined logical order to associate, to achieve automatic control of the process of drawing steel. In the process of solving the problem, it is difficult to control the Angle of bof accurately. The phenomenon of stacken and abnormal sound often occurs when the bof tilts. In order to find out the cause of the problem, shougang institute of technology Wang Bingkui, wang, jing tang company LianGangBu GuanShun width, Ding Guohui, li-guo zhao field, combined with the actual development and debugging automatic tapping process, with the method of multiple elastic brake solves the caton and problem, and the precision of Angle control of converter within 0.1 degrees. The berth setting of molten steel car is the main reference for controlling automatic drawing of converter. In the test of molten steel of converter, due to the shaking of molten steel and the deviation of laser emitter, the position accuracy of molten steel has a large deviation, which affects the quality of molten steel and the addition of alloy material. By increasing the area of the receiving end, fixing the laser emitter and installing an encoder on the wheel group of the molten steel truck, wang Chenyu, the electrical automation point inspector, controlled the parking accuracy of the molten steel truck within 3 cm. In the newly constructed "weight model" of automatic drawing steel, molten steel weight is an important condition to trigger the tilting Angle of converter and the parking space of molten steel car. However, in the test, the fluctuation curve of molten steel water is large, accompanied by serious slag accumulation phenomenon. Shi An, the equipment point inspector, volunteered and measured the data on site at the first time. Through investigation and analysis, he found out the reason, and then on the weighing plate, steel car guard plate and other equipment for transformation, to solve the problem of large fluctuation curve of steel, avoid the occurrence of slag, after the transformation of steel car weighing system stable operation.

Through the efforts of the research team nearly a year, they developed the intelligent image recognition technology under slag, the slag overflow detection technology, the laser locating system for ladle car, intelligent and clearance analysis model of ladle, the ladle tapping model weighed and bottom blowing argon system, seven core technologies such as automatic alloy feed system, and all equipment, In one fell swoop, the automatic and unmanned operation of the converter is realized.