Steel rolling department double furnace production record

On August 5th, 76 furnaces of molten steel were smelted in one day by two bof of steel rolling operation Department, including 66 furnaces of refining and double smelting, with a billet output of 15,865 tons, setting a new record of double furnaces production since it was put into operation.

The day when the first phase of the steelmaking repair, in order to ensure the steady production, steel rolling division adhere to the "stability, high efficiency" as the goal, to strengthen the production organization, optimize the scene control, overcome the difficulties of high yield and double furnace production, carefully combed every problem, given the production hidden trouble, careful smelting planning and deployment of contingency plans in advance, provided effective guarantee for the stable production.

In the production process, in order to speed up the production rhythm, the steel rolling department actively promotes the implementation of the overall work, effectively mobilizes and utilizes internal and external resources, integrates forces, improves efficiency, all processes work together efficiently, and the production and equipment professionals have unified goals and cooperated well. The production technology room strengthens the function of the production "baton", effectively coordinates the coordination and connection between various regions to ensure the maximum output; Equipment professional use production gap quickly deal with all kinds of hidden dangers, arrange special personnel 24 hours on duty at the site, to ensure the efficient and stable operation of equipment; In the steelmaking area, on the premise of ensuring the quality of steel production, the converter speed was improved, the oxygen gun blowing was optimized, and the average smelting time was reduced to 34 minutes, which greatly improved the production efficiency. The refining operation area overcame the difficulty of long double smelting cycle, carefully organized and orderly promoted, and achieved a good result of 66 double smelting furnaces in one day. In the continuous casting area, the waiting time of tundish is strictly controlled, and the casting speed is controlled at the upper limit of the process, so as to fully digest molten steel under the condition of ensuring stable production. In the public and auxiliary operation area, the crane runs efficiently, iron and steel are put into the furnace, and ladle is lifted and transported at one go.